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Have you ever felt unsupported or unheard with your hormone imbalance treatment? Or, if you’ve ever felt there is more to healing the body than treating the symptoms with medications, then you’ve come to the right place--Welcome beautiful one!


Devi Shakti provides an alternative adjunct to your healing journey. Based on the concept the body has the ability (and the wisdom) to heal itself, Devi Shakti helps to facilitate this process.

Most women’s health matters stem from a history of trauma, grief, emotional distress, stress and anxiety. Medications, prescriptions and even surgery may ease a hormone imbalance, however unless the root cause is addressed poor health lingers.

Devi Shakti provides an opportunity for deep emotional healing to occur and provides a range of powerful healing modalities to help women better manage:

Trauma Release

Adrenal Fatigue

Stress / Anxiety



Hormone Imbalance

Endometriosis / PCOS

Pelvic & Period Pain

Premenstrual Syndrome


Dr Ali Howes

Dr Ali provides a safe, supportive space for women to navigate the intricacies of their health matters and has had much success working with women suffering:

Endometriosis, Pcos, Fertility concerns, Hormone imbalance, Period abnormalities, PMS, Menopause, Miscarriage, Adrenal fatigue, Trauma and, Anxiety.

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Devi Shakti At Work

Have you ever felt there is more to healing the body than taking pills or medical treatments? Or have you felt your doctor or health carer is just not listening?

Sickness or pain in the body is closely aligned with mental and emotional suffering. When the mind is healthy and happy, so is the body. Sometimes we just need that little bit of help making connections between our emotions and the physical messages the body sends us.

Many women today are suffering hormone imbalance, anxiety, and menstrual concerns unnecessarily. Devi Shakti provides a unique style of Yoga Therapy to help manage symptoms, whilst gently navigating emotional healing required to correct a hormone imbalance.

Yoga therapy is different to Yoga as practiced in the studio or gymnasium. This form of therapy provides a unique combination of ancient practices, trauma sensitive techniques, and shamanism to help treat the individual as a whole. Yoga Therapy not only moves the body physically to improve flexibility, increase mobility, ease pain, reduce inflammation and improve energy, but also nurtures the emotional and mental state of the individual.

Devi Shakti’s style of therapy not only helps to reduce the severity of symptoms, but aims to address the emotional root cause of the problem.

Devi Shakti provides both online courses and workshops, or Private one-on one therapy sessions. Scroll through the courses below to find what you’re looking for or get in touch with Ali for one-on one therapy.

Dr Alison (Ali) Howes, PhD Applied Science

Yoga Australia Registered Teacher

Level 2 (over 550hrs)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Qualified

Level 1 Shaman

Devi Shakti Courses

Devi Shakti online courses are designed to support women find better hormonal balance, protect or improve fertility, reduce anxiety, improve menstrual health and create an opportunity to connect more intimately with the Divine self.

All courses, are practiced in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and once purchased are yours to keep!

Scroll through the courses to find what you’re looking for.

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The breathing techniques Ali has taught me, has really made a difference. I feel so much more calm and capable of dealing with stress.

Cindy Backalakis

Every time I come to your class Ali I learn something new. We don't just practice a pose, but you teach me how this will benefit my body. I go away after every class learning something new about how to care for my body.

Wendy Papke

Practicing yoga with Ali has changed my life considerably. She encourages her students to be the best version of themselves. Her expertise and focus on women's health has helped me to become more connected with myself and those around me.

Emma Pixie

I was told my bulging disc would never improve and was taking Lyrica, but since practicing with Ali I not only haven’t had any pain from my back, but have been told by my gynaecologist that my tight pelvic floor from endo has improved considerably.

Ling Hui
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