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Private Yoga Therapy For Women’s Health

Devi Shakti provides a unique style of yoga unlike any other.

Many women today suffer from stress, burn-out, poor sleep, poor digestion, irritability, pain and a general sense of feeling unwell. Few women understand many of these symptoms can come from a hormonal imbalance.

We are seeing a rapid increase in women struggling to manage the symptoms of endometriosis, pcos, infertility, period pain, stress, anxiety and abnormal menstrual cycles.  Many of the symptoms women suffer are unnecessary and can be managed through appropriate yoga asana and meditation.

Dr Alison Howes (Qualified Yoga Therapist) provides a unique combination of Western Science with ancient Yoga practices to help women better manage hormonal and fertility concerns, along with trauma related conditions. Ali works deeply into the layers of the body to release physical pain and discomfort, whilst easing stored trauma, emotions and belief systems contributing to poor health.

Each private yoga class is carefully researched and structured according to your unique health needs, and focuses entirely on establishing hormonal balance and well-being within the female body.

You can be assured your program is individual, unique and structured specifically to support you and your health needs. You will notice a considerable difference to your hormonal health, digestive health, mental and emotional well-being within weeks.

Ali works with women of all ages, stages of life and levels of practice including teenagers, young adults, women looking for fertility support and those entering peri-menopause or menopause.

You are invited to send an enquiry using the form below to receive a free consult.

Scientifically validated yoga to help women better manage:

* Fertility Concerns * IVF Treatment * Hormone Related Conditions * Endometriosis/ PCOS * Pelvic Pain * Adrenal Fatigue * Stress/Anxiety * Menopause * Pre & Post natal * Trauma Release * Pre-Teen & Teenage Girls * Lack of body awareness & confidence

Private Yoga Packages Include:

Private yoga sessions with Dr Alison Howes
Yoga asana (poses)to support your health needs
Pranayama (breathing techniques) to reduce symptoms
Yoga Nidra meditationsafe & effective for trauma
Sound healingto promote cellular healing
Yogic massageif appropriate & where appropriate
Yogic counselling (philosophy)to support mental health & emotional needs

Devi Shakti Provides A Safe Haven Where All Women Are Nurtured

Meet Your Instructor

Dr Alison Howes has a deep love and passion for helping women to feel Divine, unique and beautiful at all stages of life.

With a PhD in Applied Science and an extensive knowledge of Yoga therapies, Ali integrates a unique combination of Western Science with ancient Yoga practices to help women better manage women’s hormonal concerns.

Each class is carefully researched and structured to specifically support and balance women’s hormones at all stages of life.

Ali is no stranger to these health related matters, having overcome endometriosis and thyroid disease herself through this unique form of therapy.

Devi Shakti aims to help address the root causes of many hormonal related issues and to improve the quality of life for women suffering unnecessarily.

“The breathing techniques Ali has taught me, has really made a difference. I feel so much more calm and capable of dealing with stress.”

Cindy Backalakis

“Every time I come to your class Ali I learn something new. We don't just practice a pose, but you teach me how this will benefit my body. I go away after every class learning something new about how to care for my body.”

Wendy Papke

“Practicing yoga with Ali over the last year has changed my life considerably. She encourages her students to be the best version of themselves. Her expertise and focus on women's health has helped me to become more connected with myself and those around me. I feel not only physically stronger but in all aspects of my life”

Emma Pixie
Devi Shakti currently operates from Moxa Natural Therapies
2/158 Boundary St
West End, Brisbane
(located above The Night Owl)

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