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Why Mothers Need Yoga

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I’m a Mother. Here’s Why I Practice Yoga.

Whether you have one, two, three…or maybe you went the whole hog and have FOUR? Perhaps you have more?  The role of motherhood can be exhausting, demanding, and draining. Of course there are so many incredible, wonderful and amazing moments too, but those with children will testify (usually over a second coffee please) that life isn’t really much of a fairytale.

Rarely, if ever, do our little darlings come skipping in joyfully and in agreement with each (if you have more than one), to announce they’ll gladly eat whatever it is your preparing for dinner because you’re the best cook/ mummy in the whole world. Yours do? You go girl!!

Since becoming a mother to these two little cherubs (Batman and Cinderella), my life has become hectic to say the least. Often amidst the chaos, I wonder what I did with all the spare time I had prior to having children?

As a mother, I already have enough stress, worries and anxiety in my life. I don’t need to be punishing myself any further, and yet we do as women, right?!

It’s taken my stubborn ass a long time, but I’ve learnt to change my whole attitude to exercise and diet. I don’t go on diets anymore and I don’t exercise to achieve a “bikini body”. What the hell is a ‘bikini body’ anyway? I have a body. Sometimes I feel like wearing a bikini, sometimes not, and I’m ok with that! Let’s stop criticising, judging and comparing ourselves and others. If you have a “bikini body” and your’e a mother….Wow, YOU GO GIRL!

With my yoga journey (which you can read about here) , I’ve learnt to no longer punish, but to love and respect this amazing, womanly body that carried and continues to nurture Batman and Cinderella.

Mothers Need Yoga!

Those who come to my classes, or have practiced online with me, will notice I don’t practice fast, hard or with the ego. I don’t practice to achieve that bikini body.  I’m practicing so that I have the strength to cope when Batman and Cinderella are arguing (again for the 100th time). I practice so that I can age gracefully, joyfully, naturally and beautifully so that I can one day hold my Grandchildren..or even my Great Grandchildren. I practice my yoga to make space for me, because I know that a good 12 hrs of my day is spent helping others, or problem solving.

As a mother, Yoga helps me to find peace in my day, so that when I do finally lie my exhausted head down, I fall into a deep, contented sleep (until one of my little Cherubs flicks on every light in the house because he/she needs a cup of water!)

My body may or may not be bikini ready this summer. I no longer care. I know that what I’m practicing now is long lasting, and will sustain me not only through this summer but for the rest of my life.

Ladies, let’s start taking better care of our bodies. It’s not about punishing yourself into achieving some short term end goal, that may be unachievable anyway. It’s about what we are setting up for life, and as mothers this is an example we need to set our children.

This is why I teach and practice yoga for women’s health. I teach how to love, admire, respect and honour your body now and always. Do you know what happens when we do this? Good health, happiness, joy and self acceptance!