Becoming A Divine Goddess

Woman Ain’t No Man

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I’m going to state the obvious here, but a woman’s body is vastly different to that of a mans! Not only are we physically different, but we have different instincts, qualities, abilities and even core desires. Even our reproductive and hormonal systems differ, which enable women to bear and nurture children–something the male system cannot do. We may choose not to have children, but we have a system that enables us to do so, should we want.


 And no, I’m not referring to our choice to have children or not.

To be born female is often considered a curse (consciously or subconsciously). 
How many times have you complained how much easier it would be, to be a man? In today’s fast-paced, hectic lifestyle, where women work exceptionally hard to gain the same respect and acknowledgments as our male counter-species, we often deny, dread or even despise certain features of the woman’s body.
For example…many women dread their monthly period or find this a highly emotional, or painful time.

Perhaps you see your period as a huge inconvenience?

 It is a rare story to find a woman that does not find her period a burden!

Perhaps it’s not JUST the menstruation process that’s seen as the burden. Many women find the natural, hormonal changes that occur as part of the reproductive cycle, frustrating as we swing from being highly productive, energetic and motivated, to being more withdrawn, mellow and perhaps lacking in concentration. Many women aren’t even aware of this association between their fluctuating hormones, and their emotional, physical and even physiological state.
Rather than acknowledging these natural changes in the body, and allowing ourselves to settle into these natural cyclic patterns, we push ourselves harder, or deny the body the rest and retreat it craves!

Women rarely take the time to listen to their bodies, pushing themselves despite the natural changes that occur as a part of the reproductive cycle.

The Power of Being Woman

We as women are highly spiritual, intuitive, emotive, and creative beings (Clennell, 2007; Swami Muktananda, 2009).
Just as the universe dances to many rhythms, a woman’s body is energetically and rhythmically linked to the cycles of the moon!

Just think about the power of that for a moment.

Just as the phases of the moon govern the oceanic tides, so too does it govern the reproductive system of a woman!

(Hartman 1966, Brown 1972, Swami Muktananda 2009, Northrup 2010).


Studies have even shown that peak rates of conception (and ovulation) occur at the full moon (Menaker 1959, Northrup 2010). Now that’s something to make you feel powerful—is it not?!

We are so spiritually, emotionally and physically connected to the universe, that our natural reproductive system is in tune with these forces.

Just as the phases of the moon govern the oceanic tides, so too does it govern the reproductive cycle of a woman.

Lady Problems.

It is a sad fact, that statistically over 75% of women, with a regular cycle, experience physical and psychological discomfort before, or during their period (Mayo Clinic 2016). It seems that more and more women are needing to seek medical advice for a variety of gynecological problems.

Painful periods, irregular periods, even absent periods!

Not to mention a whole suite of problems associated with hormonal imbalances (such as endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids…) are just some of the common complaints a woman would carry with her as her “monthly burden”.

Doctors are quick to treat these difficulties with pain relievers, the pill, IUD’s or other hormonal control methods, however, these methods are just treating the symptoms.

The underlying cause is still there!!

It’s ALWAYS important to seek medical advice if you suffer any of these conditions, however ….

There ARE remedies that can greatly assist in managing women’s health …NATURALLY!

Natural Remedies That WORK!

Rather than seeing our monthly period or reproductive cycle as a burden, or hindrance to our fast paced lives, we need to learn to celebrate and honour this powerful force within us….

and that’s what this course is about.

Learning to listen to our body during the different phases of our menstrual cycle, and providing the Space, the Reflection, Rest, and Nutrition it needs during these different stages can be extremely liberating for the woman.

Finding a system that enables the body to relax and release physical and emotional tensions can have profound results…including;

being able to manage menstrual pain, irregularities and irritability!

A scientific study of women who experienced severe pain during their period were given relaxation techniques and yoga asanas to practice over a series of months. The results were phenomenal. All test subjects reported reduced pain, released tension, and some even reporting pain-free periods!! (Nag et. al 2013).

In fact— I can testify! I have lived with cysts, endometriosis, thyroid disease and excruciating periods for the majority of my life.

I remember days where the pain was so bad, I would break out in a cold sweat, whilst wave after wave of nausea would wash over my body. I had become so used to this, that I didn’t believe anything else was possible.

Today— I have pain-free periods, and I hardly even notice them.

I Take No Pain Killers!!

I Have Renewed Energy,

Restored Health and…

I Feel Divine!!

I’m now free to ride the ebbs and flows of being a spiritual and divine woman.

I’m free to ride the ebbs and flows of being a spiritual and divine woman.

Never Keep a Secret!!

I’m so elated about what this natural system of release, healing, and acceptance has done for me, that I’m going to spill the beans and help you discover the same benefits.  No woman should have to suffer the pain and misery that I experienced, and that I know a lot of you go through, month-after-month!

In this FREE Course, I’m going to share some of these powerful, life-changing secrets with you, so that you too can unleash the Divine Woman that exists within.

Did you know that Devi Shakti means Divine Goddess?

It’s my goal to help every woman that experiences menstrual discomfort, feel like a Divine Goddess.