If The Doctors Don’t Know What to Do With Us, What Hope is There?!

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One in 10 women have it! (Endometriosis Australia, 2016)!

It’s often misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed for years, with an average delayed diagnosis of over 8 years! (Moradi, 2014)!

It causes debilitating pain, and begins to effect the sufferer physically, mentally and emotionally (Ballard, K. et al., 2006)!

The doctors are now revealing just how little they understand the condition, and that they don’t know how to adequately treat it (Perrot, K. 2017)!

In fact…it’s been labeled as a “public health dilemma of major proportions” (Weiser et al., 2007) and the most “enigmatic and mysterious gynaecological diseases”!

Sounds Horrendous RIGHT? 

It is! Ask anyone that suffers it, but just don’t tell them it’s part of being a woman. Because it’s not! And sadly, that’s a common misunderstanding that the symptoms are a part of ‘women’s problems’!

What are “women’s problems” anyway and why should women have “problems”?!!

They shouldn’t in my opinion! Being woman, does not mean being born into a life of pain and misery.

So what causes such pain and misery, that has the doctors scratching their heads….


Now, that’s a pain in the…well, everything really!

Endometriosis is the most common cause of pelvic pain in women today!

Endometriosis— it is the most common cause of pelvic pain in women today, and although it is not related to cancer, it’s ability to grow and spread is almost cancer like (Machairiotis et al., 2013).

For those of you that suffer the condition, you’re already well aware of how this mysterious disease grows endometrial cells (the cells that make up your uterus) outside of the uterine region. 

You’re probably also already well aware of the pain and discomfort associated with having these cells grow within the pelvis, the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, or in more extreme cases in the abdominal wall, the urinary and intentional tract. It has even been found in lung tissue, the heart and (rarely) the brain (Machairiotis et al., 2013).

For these poor sufferers, of which I was one for over 15 years, pain and infertility are the two pain symptoms. However, these aren’t the only symptoms, and for those that don’t suffer pain, the disease can go undiagnosed for some time.

Painful bowel movements, stomach cramps, nausea, fatigue, and abdominal pain are often mistakenly associated with poor diet or IBS (Seaman et al., 2008). In fact, quite often IBS is often the first diagnosis for many women, leaving the real underlying condition of endometriosis untreated.

Endometrial cells growing in the abdominal wall.

At this stage, the current form of treatment is:

  1. Observation! — to be honest, I’m not sure what we are observing. Most patients are very aware of the discomfort they are already suffering and don’t really want to wait and “observe” any longer. However, the trouble is, doctors need time to observe the progression and development of symptoms in order to correctly diagnose.  This may hopefully change soon, with research being put into possible blood tests that quickly and accurately diagnose the condition (Whyte 2017).

So— I’ve been “observed” and possibly diagnosed. What next?

2) Surgery—which is usually performed by laparoscopy. It is only through this invasive process that doctors can now correctly diagnose the condition.  During this procedure the doctor will try to remove or reduce as much of the endometriosis as is visible. In more extreme cases a more invasive laparotomy may be required.

So  that’s it folks, show’s over, nothing more to see here….


Well actually, sorry to disappoint you but there’s more to be done.

3) Hormonal control methods— The third step often advised is to now spend the rest of your child bearing years on some form of hormone replacement…often in the form of IUD, the pill or other HRT options.

These replacement therapies are usually designed to increase your progesterone levels, and this form of treatment would be an obvious choice, given our understanding that endometriosis occurs in women suffering hormone imbalances (often being oestrogen dominant) (Machairiotis et al. 2013)

However, there’s more to the story…

Let’s chat more…

Our medical practitioners are still uncertain as to the effects of using these artificial hormone replacements, and more and more evidence is emerging regarding the physiological effects of this on the woman.  By providing a hormone the body should be producing itself, discourages the natural production of that hormone in the body, and the whole natural system begins to slow or even shut down altogether.  Quite often, women end up feeling miserable or suffering another suite of symptoms associated with hormone imbalances. 

So, what’s the the success of current treatment?

…. it’s not good (I’m sorry). Current medical publications are stating that …

These methods are NOT curative, but simply help manage some of the pain and discomfort associated with the disease (Weiser et al., 2007).

We are even being told that treatment won’t eradicate the pain, but may simply make it more bearable (Endometriosis Australia, 2016) and that statistically there is a 35-70% chance of it reoccurring, depending on the severity of your condition.

Good God, So What do I Do?

There is some incredible research coming out suggesting that other complimentary methods may help somewhat. Yoga and meditation in fact have been shown to help immensely in alleviating some of the discomfort associated with the disease.  And in fact…I CAN TESTIFY.

I myself went down the road of all these medical treatment options. I suffered excruciating pain for years, and like many other women found the surgery helped very little. I also went through various different forms of hormone treatment, which seriously began to affect my outlook on life.


I have discovered a method that not only addresses the symptoms of hormone imbalances, but may help correct hormone function in the body, alleviating many of the symptoms associated with endometriosis.

After implementing this plan in my life, I have spent the last 3 years pain free and off all drugs and medications!  Many of my students are also experiencing the same results!

Want to know more?  Head over to my COURSES page and we’ll chat more.   This is a natural, easy to implement solution, that I believe will change women’s lives forever.

Understanding how your cycle works, and how to naturally balance and manage your hormones, is one of the most liberating things a woman can do.