Menstruation Taboo

Menstruation Taboo

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How Do YOU Feel About Your Period?

Yep…It’s a hugely personal question, and one that many women shy away from speaking about. Sadly, the Western world has altered what many ancient cultures have viewed and celebrated to be the Divine Mystery of Creation.

Instead, it is viewed as being unclean, private and maybe even yucky! We certainly don’t speak about it, even as women amongst ourselves.

We have detached ourselves from ancient practices where menstruation was seen as a precious time for seeking inner knowledge and self-renewal, and providing the opportunity for the body to cleanse and restore itself (Clennell, B. 2007).

Do you feel “Magical” when you menstruate? (I’m being facetious here)?
Do you Honour and Celebrate this incredibly powerful thing that we go through month after month?
Do you feel Sacred and Divine during this time of your cycle?

Unfortunately for women in the Western world, our accelerated pace of life has begun to undermine our health (Clennell, B. 2007; Swami Muktananda 2009).  Whether you are a career woman, a student or a mum with the important job of running the house– we have taken these responsibilities and tasks to a more stressful level. We operate primarily with our masculine energy–that which enables us to be productive and to keep up with tasks.

However, as women we are losing touch with our feminine side. That which enables us to tap into our sense of self and our spiritual, creative and intuitive energy (Swami Muktananda 2009).

As women, we are no longer encouraged to think of menstruation as a significant or spiritual event. In fact…most views in society, and as presented in the media, are to ignore it.

We’re told to use certain colourful sanitary products, go to the gym, die our hair and continue to work alongside our male counterspies as though nothing has changed and as though we are stronger than ever!

We are certainly not told to Rest, Meditate, Reflect, and to Nurture ourselves during this sacred time.

So let me go back to my first question…How do you feel about your period?

For most women, you probably hate having your period because it’s a miserable, uncomfortable and emotional time for you. It’s NOT something to dance around the maypole, and celebrate the wonders of creation–because you certainly don’t feel Divine, or Spiritual!

Ok– so my next question to you is…

How much time do you make for yourself, where you get to sit quietly with a book, or go for gentle walk (I’m not talking about intense gym sessions here). How much time do you make to be kind, gentle and loving towards yourself?  How many times have you asked yourself what you need today, and actually provided it? How much do you tap into your feminine energy (that creative, quiet, reflective, intuitive side)?

I’m assuming if you suffer painful, irregular periods or even absent periods– not much! I’m assuming you are under regular stress, dealing with much emotional and mental turmoil.
Sure! Women are strong, and we have the ability to take on a lot….HOWEVER,

When we operate like this for long periods of time, the mental and emotional stress has a knock-on effect, and we begin to suffer physical stress as well (American Physiological Association, 2017).

For many women- this can be in the form of difficult periods or even greater problems like endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, cysts, absent periods, thyroid disease….the list goes on!

Make some time for yourself during your period. Sit quietly, meditate and reflect. Learn to tap into your spiritual and divine energy.

Ahimsa– Learn to Be Kind.

If you are like majority of women out there- (yes, I said majority) that suffer during your period–be assured, there are natural ways in which to start correcting this!

Love and Acceptance Is The First Step To Healing!
That means…No longer fighting against the changes your body goes through. No longer ignoring it. No longer viewing your periods as an inconvenience!

Once we understand our bodies, we discover that as women, we have this incredible mind-body connection. We are designed as women to be spiritual and intuitive, so let’s start honouring that.

Did you know that how you experience your period is a reflection of the month you have just had? In ayurveda, your period is considered a self-regulating process. Cleaning you of any imbalances that may have occurred during the preceding month.

So if you had a particularly challenging time mentally and emotionally–chances are your period is going to be difficult!

Let’s start changing that!