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Are You a Doubter or Do You Believe in Yourself?

By July 17, 2017 No Comments

Do You Truly Believe in Yourself?

As women, we tend to be excessively tough on ourselves. We doubt, criticise, devalue and rarely offer a kind or nurturing thought towards oneself. Often this thought process has occurred for so long that we no longer realise we are doing it; it has become so ingrained in our subconscious.

This self doubt stems from the ego and past experiences that no longer hold true. These patterns become cyclic in our thinking and subconsciously begin to hold us back. Perhaps you have a fear of falling because of a past experience where you fell. Perhaps you fear public speaking because you fear what people will think of you? You doubt your abilities because of a past experience, or perhaps someone else’s experience.

Many of us live in this constant state of fear– allowing it to hold us back.

I believe women today mostly fall into one of two categories. Some are the high achievers that that either go hard, fight hard, work hard, and push well, too hard in an attempt to conquer this fear. However the underlying drive is usually still fear based (what if I don’t gain this promotion?). Or, there are the women that hold back altogether. Not believing they are capable, worthy, or likely to succeed.

I have sat in both of these examples. I was living in fear.

When I first started my ‘yoga journey’ this pattern of fear would creep in and I would often DOUBT myself. At first it was doubt in my physical abilities, but once I delved deeper into the beautiful mind/body awareness that comes with practicing yoga, I realised it went deeper than this and I began to identify my patterns of self doubt.

I would second guess, hold back, question, argue, make excuses, self sabotage, procrastinate or even finally decide…’that’s not for me’! I realised that these thoughts went with me, not only in regards to my yoga practice, but through life as well.

The beautiful and overwhelming thing about yoga is that you come to your mat as you are; and that’s where you discover JUST who you are, self doubts and all!

What I learnt in my yoga, is that there is a beautiful place between effort and belief that things are Achievable, Changeable and Moveable. As you become aware of these subconscious patterns, you can then actively make a choice to change them. You can make the choice to let go of fear and believe in yourself.

Baka Dhyasana, Patient Crane Pose.

Did you know that arm balances in yoga is a beautiful way to overcome fear and doubt? As we work into the central nervous system we calm and centre the mind helping to alleviate anxiety. Many believe arm balances require physical muscular strength. To some extent, yes, but not as much as you think.

Arm balances require coordination, patience, balance and BELIEF IN YOURSELF!

The ‘Patient Crane Pose’ (Baka Dhyanasna) is a beautiful demonstration of what can be achieved when you practice with faith.

Place a pillow under your head (it’s OK to fall my girl) and GET UP and try!

Find YOUR balance, deep BREATH, change YOUR thinking. You CAN do this!

Place hands shoulder distance on the floor. Balance on the toes and bring knees into the back of the arms–as high as you can. Lean forward. Breathe. Trust. Engage your core abdominal muscles.

Balance on one leg first, lifting the opposite leg off the mat, then swap sides.

Breathe. Trust. Now try both legs. Be Aware of your balance.

What do I need to do to find BALANCE here?

You are powerful, strong, FOCUSSED and CAPABLE!!