Yoga asana for healthy hormones

Healthy Psoas for A Healthy Cycle

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Trikonasana, Triangle Pose.

Why is Yoga so damn good? Because we get to practice incredible poses like this one…Trikonasana (Triangle pose).

Without needing to make it overly complicated, the benefits of Trikonasana (if performed daily for a few weeks) will begin to tone the entire body! BUT THERE’S MORE…

We stretch and tone the muscles along the side of the trunk– in particular, awakening the iliacus portion of the iliopsoas.

{{A lot of women aren’t aware that it’s these two muscles (iliacus and the iliopsoas) that determine the health of her menstrual cycle!
Yep– a tight psoas can result in cramping and discomfort. }}

In addition, the psoas helps to support the kidneys and the adrenal glands (two vital organs involved in managing hormones in the body).
A healthy iliacus (which fans the pelvic bowl) provides the structural support for the reproductive organs, and has vital nerves that run through the central nervous system (helping to alleviate depression and nervous tensions).

A healthy psoas therefore provides the structural, emotional and circulatory support for a healthy menstrual cycle!!

Oh, and did I mention that you will begin redistribute weight around the mid-section, along with helping to alleviate the symptoms of constipation and bloating (if you’re prone to it).

BAM…now that’s a pose!

Precautions: Please practice mindfully if you have back complaints.

xx Ali