Do I Even Have PMS?

During the later stage of the luteal phase in a women’s cycle, many women begin to experience a noticeable shift in moods. Women might observe some irritability, mild depression or sadness, or just a sense of feeling down or withdrawn.

Most women are somewhat aware of the chemical and hormonal shift that occurs in their bodies during this time, however many women will simply disregard these experiences as PMS, or pre-menstrual symptoms. Whilst it’s important to be aware of PMS symptoms during this time, don’t be so quick to pass your moods off as a hormone imbalance.

During this time in our cycle, the feminine energy is high. The feminine energy within the body is responsible for our nurturing, restful, creative, intuitive and spiritual side. As this energy is heightened in response to a shift in hormones, women may find they feel less enthusiastic to take on new tasks and would rather spend time completing things, and taking care of themselves.

This is the time to honour these desires and to spend time in the feminine.

Are You More Reflective Or Withdrawn Before Your Period?

Just before the menstrual phase there is a massive drop in the hormones Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. The higher levels of these hormones during ovulation can sometimes cloud our thinking and better judgement.

With these hormones no longer affecting our thinking processes, we are able to see things more clearly. That spark and excitement about something may wear off and we become reflective and withdrawn.

This is the time to pay attention to that inner voice, which will be more clear now. This is your inner wisdom guiding you. Take the time to listen. Journal, go for walks in nature, practice yoga or meditation to connect with this feminine energy.

Gomukasana, Cow Face Pose.

Yoga and meditation are great ways to connect with this feminine energy and to find your inner wisdom. If you’re feeling particularly unsettled, Gomukhasana Cow Face Pose (featured here), is a beautiful meditation asana to help induce relaxation.

Physically this pose stimulates the kidneys and adrenal glands which are important for healthy hormone function. It can relieve back ache, sciatica, bloat and tired legs and provides a good stretch to the thighs and pelvic region.

To practice, sit with crossed legs, stacking the knees as best as possible and ensuring the hips and buttocks remain evenly placed on the mat. Lengthen the spine and close the eyes, brining your awareness to rest at Ajna chakra, or the eyebrow centre.

Practice for 10 minutes (after 5 mins swap to opposite leg on top) to alleviate tiredness, tension and anxiety.

The traditional extent of the pose includes a shoulder stretch, however when I’m feeling particularly fatigued, I like to rest my hands on the souls of my feet– re-establishing that sense of feeling grounded and connected to Mother Earth.