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Manage Hormonal Binge Eating

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Why Am I Binge Eating?

Do you ever feel like it’s that time of month where you want to stuff your face stupid, even though you know you wouldn’t normally eat like that? Perhaps for you it’s chocolate, carbohydrates, or just needing more food in general?

This increase in hunger and food cravings tend to coincide with other PMS symptoms like mood swings, bloating and breast tenderness and even hormonal headaches. Did you know that these symptoms of PMS are not normal and don’t need to be tolerated? (You can read more on this here).

It occurs for a couple of reasons. The first is that the body does require more energy for this phase of the cycle, so it’s normal to increase your caloric intake (by a little).

The second is that your cravings could be an indication of mineral deficiency or hormonal imbalance. Take chocolate for example. Chocolate is high in magnesium which is vital for everything from your nerves to your bones and immune system. It’s also important for regulating blood sugar levels, thereby promoting normal blood pressure.

Chocolate also promotes the production of serotonin…a hormone that helps us to feel good.. Not surprising we turn to the foods that help us feel good, when we feel so crappy!

Many women complain about weight gain, bloat and tenderness during this time. Other than being mindful of what your’e eating (and why) is there anything else that can get us through this phase?

YES!! Yoga. There are even poses to help you stop Binge eating.

Introducing Janu Sirshasana, Head to knee pose.

This pose is brilliant for those that suffer PMS symptoms, breast tenderness, and even hormonal headaches. It tones the uterus and the ovaries, helping to maintain hormonal balance. If you’re cycle is irregular or infrequent, this pose will help bring it back to normal. It can be used to stabilise blood sugar levels, and reduce food cravings, thereby helping you to stop binge eating!

In this pose we extend one leg out to the side of the body, keeping the leg engaged and toes flexed we lower the side of the body along the leg, walking the hand towards the toes. The opposite hand may join or reach over the head to find a nice stretch along the opposite torso.

In these kind of forward folds we tone the nerves involved in the parasympathetic nervous system, helping to quieten an anxious, racing, irritable mind. A common symptom for PMS sufferers.

To discover these benefits be sure to practice regularly. If you feel strain under the knee, place a blanket under your knee for support and don’t strain the back to reach the toes. Just come to where you feel comfortable.

Practice mindfully and carefully if you have back complaints.
Let me know how you go ladies.