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What Do You “NEED” to Feel Genuinely Happy?!

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What if I told you I could grant you anything, RIGHT NOW to ensure your happiness!

What would you ask for?

Now think ahead to 10 years time. Would this item, feeling or experience still provide you with happiness? Would you still feel complete, or would you be in need of something else?

Most of us have the privilege of living in a very comfortable and safe environment. Anything we could ever want, or need is easily accessible to us. In some instances, it may require a little work or planning, but it’s still available to us.

The trouble with living in a modern and “available” world, is that we, as evolved humans, have developed the belief that we “NEED” things to find happiness.

“If I could just have more cash, if I could just go on this holiday, if I could just buy that new car, if I could just work less, but have more….”  Sound like familiar thought patterns?

It’s easy to associate our needs with tangible things.

But what about these thought patterns….

“If I could just be thinner/stronger, if I could just have better skin, if I could just have more friends, if I could just find a partner”.  These are still things we tend to associate our happiness with.

Eternal Happiness

To find freedom from these constant thought patterns, allows us to discover true and genuine happiness. In learning to identify the difference between Want and Need, we begin to isolate the desires that drive our emotions or expectations.

I NEED to eat healthy food to survive, and for my body to function well. I WANT to have a glass of wine with dinner tonight. I know which one I can live without.

I’m not saying we can’t treat ourselves occasionally, but it’s when these “treats” or occasions become the norm, that we need to look at why.  Why do I feel the need to drink every night? Why do I feel I need to buy that new outfit? Will it REALLY make me happy?

Happiness without want is eternal!

It doesn’t matter what we do, or don’t have in our lives– we are capable of finding and experiencing genuine happiness!I won’t go into it here, but to feel happiness, and to change your whole outlook on life, can have profound effects on your mental, emotional and physical health. The body can heal and operate more efficiently when we are in a positive state of mind!


The Yogi’s learn to practice the Niyama (code), Saucha. Saucha means purification, which brings about clarity, concentration, good health, self-awareness…and Happiness!Purification includes any realm in your life you would consider needing a detox, or good clean. This can include your diet, your environment (removing clutter and living more cleanly, or simply), your relationships (are there people in your life not good for you?), your work, or social schedule (do you take on too much?).

However, it also includes your mental wholeness–learning to purify from thought patterns that don’t serve you.

Are you constantly critical of yourself? Do you judge, doubt or speak negatively towards yourself or others? These are all aspects to consider purifying in your life.

As we learn to practice saucha, our relationship with our body, and with others begins to change. We learn to clearly identify things in our lives that don’t serve us well, or encourage the best from us.  Our “neediness” begins to lose its urgency and its potency!

Ready to Detox?

To practice saucha, may initially be like practicing another one of our Niyamas–Tapas(austerity or self-discipline).
The sanskrit word Tapas means to burn, or heat. We evoke a sense of ‘fiery discipline’ or passion, in order to burn away impurities, physically, mentally and emotionally, and paving the way to our true greatness.

Every time we note and observe a distracting impulse, but we do not give in to it– the mind begins to see through, and beyond that impulse.

We begin to gain energy and clarity, inching closer to greater awareness.

Purify Today!

Feel like you need a good cleanse? It’s good to sit down regularly and bring awareness into the way you’ve been living. Taking the opportunity to note things that have crept into your life that don’t serve you well.

Grab a journal and a pen and take a moment to reflect on the following…

  • At this point in time, what are your Needs and what are your Wants?
  • What are your main distractions in life that prevent you from practicing saucha (list diet, environment, relationships, and thought patterns).
  • How do your “wants” or “needs” reflect how you feel about yourself? (Example: do you actually need that new car, or are you trying to keep up with an image?
  • Can you identify any riggers to these needs/ thoughts? (Example: do you long for that class of wine when tired or emotionally drained?).
  • How can you change your inner dialogue to be more pure? (Example: I am valuable, I am worthy, I am enough, I am beautiful, I am healthy, I am complete, I am abundant).

Just as we need to cleanse and detox the body from time to time, it’s also good practice to extend this detox to other areas of your life. You’ll start to feel lighter, more content and maybe even….Happy!

I’d love to hear your comments on this article. What do you find to be the biggest distraction in your life? Your biggest “Need”?.