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‘Are All Alternative Health Therapies “Woo-Woo”?’

By July 11, 2018 No Comments

Woo-Woo, Hocus Pocus or Just Plain Fluff?

Have you become disillusioned by the alternative health industry?

* Diet shakes that don’t work?

* Expensive skin-care regimes that simply leave your skin smelling weird?

* Motivational speakers that charge a fortune but leave you feeling like you could have given yourself that pep talk?

* How about that cocktail of herbs and supplements you were talked into purchasing?

* Or that secret mantra shared only between you and a ‘Guru’ that drives a Mercedes?

It’s ok—we’ve all been “had” at some point in time. I have a bathroom cupboard filled with various skin care treatments promising to cure my hormonal acne (which it didn’t).

Perhaps you’ve become so disillusioned with alternative therapies you now catch yourself rolling your eyes at advertisements for quick-fix health solutions (no, you won’t lose weight in 10 days and keep it off!).

Or, you just don’t trust alternative therapists at all that practice this “woo-woo” stuff.

There are now “practitioners” without adequate credentials marketing a product simply based on their experience, and this can be dangerous. Just because something worked for one person doesn’t mean it’s the right therapy for all.

There’s no denying there are some pretty creative scams out there, promising quick solutions to big problems, and this is where people get stung.

It’s usually the most vulnerable and emotionally exhausted that get talked into these solutions, wasting good money on products or services that just won’t work. As a result we are seeing people’s health further deteriorate as they waste their good money on hope alone.

Do We Even Need Alternative Therapies?

Alternative health therapies have been around for thousands of years. It was only with the fairly recent discovery of penicillin and antibiotics that began to replace many of these traditional therapies. Whilst this important discovery has certainly helped alleviate many serious illnesses, it has also fuelled this desire for quick-health fixes. A week of antibiotics will certainly help you recover, however what have you learnt in the process?  Additionally, we are also facing serious health concerns regarding antibiotic-resistance due to over prescription to treat basic illnesses.

Alternative therapies are often based around the concept of treating the person as a whole (mind, body, soul) and that natural healing can occur, however this healing takes time and can’t be solved quickly.

We have entered into an alarming era of desiring immediate gratification. It’s no wonder these ‘quick-fix’ promises gain attraction. But let me assure you, quick-fixes don’t work and will only leave you feeling frustrated, disillusioned and possibly broke.

Can We Trust Alternative Therapies?

So what does this do to the alternative health industry offering a genuine service? Although there has been an recent increase in the number of people turning towards alternative or complimentary therapies, many remain dubious of their ability to work. And this uncertainty or even scepticism is justified given how you may have been conned in the past.

However, there are many genuine alternative health services offering valuable long-term health solutions, you just need to be savvy in how you look for these. There’s a wonderful saying “It’s important to have an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

In fact there are many complimentary therapies now validated by science and even endorsed by doctors including; yoga and meditation, acupuncture and herbal supplementation.

Whilst these therapies have been practiced long before the development of modern medicine, with little need for scientific validation, the recent integration of science with these therapies has been undeniably valuable. We now have a far better knowledge and understanding of how the body works and responds to these ancient therapies. In doing so we now have doctors and medical practitioners more willing to prescribe such holistic treatments. With scientific backing and research explaining how such therapies work, more people are willing to try holistic approaches, moving away from quick-fix scams to long term health gains.

If you’re interested in correcting your health naturally and would like to explore alternative or complimentary therapies, be assured there are numerous therapists available offering a true and genuine service. Ask questions, do your research, get to know their qualifications and be prepared to do the work over a period of time. No natural healing or weight loss program that claims to “cure you” within weeks is realistic.

Investing in a trained professional in an area of alternative health that has been scenically validated, is more likely to heal and restore your body as a whole. There may be other alternative therapies not yet scientifically validated that you’re willing to try, however proceed with caution. There are many inferior products or services on the market based on experience alone, with little guarantee it will work for you.

To scientifically validate or prove the effectiveness of a yoga program (for example), rigorous testing over a large test pool of subjects is required. Other contributing variables are ruled out or controlled to ensure the statistical significance of the program alone. This means that a program that has been scientifically proven to work, is therefore much more likely to be effective for you than something based on experience alone.


If you’re interested in a complimentary health program written by a qualified practitioner and endorsed by scientific research, contact me today so we can start working you towards a long term health solution that will work for you.

Dr Alison Howes
PhD Applied Science | Registered Yoga Australia Teacher
Trauma Release Qualified
Level 1 Shaman
Specialising in Women’s Health