Ladies of Brisbane!
Are you happy with your weight loss goals? With Christmas around the corner, women tend to ramp up the activity to get in shape for summer. But weight loss is more complicated than eating fewer calories and exercising harder.
How about your skin? Do you have healthy glowing skin that exudes inner health?
How are your moods? At this time of year we are all prone to exhaustion, stress and levels of irritability may be heightened.
Finally, how healthy is your cycle? Do you experience period pain, mid-cycle pain, irregularities or PMS?
Perhaps you’re already aware of an underlying health condition associated with your hormones?
What very few women realise is that most of our health is a reflection of our hormones. Poor health, poor skin, weight gain, stress and irritability, period pain… are all indications of a hormone imbalance. Skin care products, supplements, extreme diets, or pain killers may help short term, but are not correcting the problem!
We are about to enter what most call the “silly season”– which often includes more eating, drinking and partying.
Go into this season knowing more about your body, your hormones and how to manage hormonal imbalances so you can feel confident in looking your glowing, healthy and optimal best.
The Devi Shakti Women’s Health Studio is holding a FREE OPEN DAY, 24th Nov (10–11:30am).
Come along to learn how Devi Shakti Yoga is different and only offers yoga to help balance hormones so you can improve the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance. This means; aiding weight loss, managing stress and insomnia, reducing irritability and PMS, correcting skin conditions and managing period pain and irregularities.
Dr Alison Howes (PhD Applied Science, Qualified Yoga Instructor and Trauma Sensitive Therapist) will be there to answer all of your questions and will provide:
*FREE YOGA for hormones
*A short discussion about Devi Shakti Yoga and how it is different
*Xmas vouchers available
*Herbal tea and healthy snacks
*15% discount offered on all in studio purchases
Whilst this is a FREE event please arrive 10 mins early to register and to settle for the class.
Looking forward to welcoming you to the studio
Devi Shakti Women’s Health Studio
Unit 4, Level 1, 394 Montague Rd, West End Brisbane
(Located above the Float Space).