The Devi Shakti Healthy Hormones Course Begins 31st Jan

Many women aren’t aware of what a hormonal imbalance looks like, and yet 85% of women suffer an imbalance either regularly or at some stage in their cycle.
Many women turn to pain killers, drugs, supplements, detox programs or even artificial hormones (such as the pill or IUD) without realising the long term damage they may be causing their bodies.
Without proper knowledge of how to support the female hormonal structure, many women struggle through pain, inflammation, bloat, weight gain, poor skin, irritability and PMS symptoms and general unhappiness with their bodies.
If your’e interested in learning how to support your body more naturally through good diet and nutrition, yoga asana, meditation and pranayama (various breathing techniques) to support the female body and the shifting hormones that occur naturally throughout the month, then join me!
The Healthy Hormones 6-week in studio course starts 31st Jan.
When: Thursday 6pm
Where: The Devi Shakti Women’s Health Studio
Unit 4, Level 1, 394 Montague Rd West End, Brisbane
Follow the link below for more information or email me at with enquires.

Book Now to reserve your spot. Bookings are limited.

Devi Shakti Women’s Health Studio
Unit 4, Level 1, 394 Montague Rd, West End Brisbane
(Located above the Float Space).

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