Building Confidence for Girls Aged 9–13 years

It has been such a joy teaching the girls during our first term of yoga together. Over the weeks we discussed how yoga is not just poses (asana) we practice on the mat, but can also be used as a set of codes in which we live our lives by.

We talked about loving kindness towards ourselves and others, practicing truthfulness and honesty. We also talked about trust and how to let go of things that may be bothering us.

It was interesting to observe how as we learnt and discussed these philosophies, the girls felt comfortable to share some of their school experiences and some of the uncertainties and stress they currently face.

It has been such an honour sharing with the girls various practices to help them manage this stress and anxiety and to find more peace and stability.

These skills and tools are life changing hacks to help keep stress at bay as our children navigate the complexities of life.

Next term I would love to focus a little more on body awareness, self love and compassion.


Next Term We Focus on Body Awareness & Confidence

* Loving and respecting our bodies with our inner & outer dialogue

* Feeling strong and empowered no matter the circumstances

* Dealing with uncertainty or disappointment

* Continuing to build on flexibility

* Continuing to learn tools to manage stress & anxiety


Term 2 begins 29th April –17th June (8 sessions)

Every Monday 3:30– 4:30pm

Where: St Andrew’s Parish Hall,

89 Fairley St, Indooroopilly

Cost $136



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