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Unleash Your Inner Goddess

With so many styles of yoga available, it can be difficult to determine what is best for you.

If  you suffer poor health, fatigue, emotional instability, suffer pain or discomfort anywhere in your body or during your menstrual cycle, struggle to lose weight or just generally feel unwell, it’s important to find a class appropriate for your health needs.

Devi Shakti Yoga focuses on all elements involved in establishing hormonal balance. Each class is designed to specifically support the female body, will help to lower stress, support healthy hormone production and will provide a suite of tools to help you better manage your health.

Dr Alison Howes (Ali)  teaches each class with love, support and respect for the female body at all stages of life and provides valuable knowledge in how you can do the same outside of your yoga practice.

Women of all ages and levels of practice are invited to attend.

Devi Shakti Class Booking

The Devi Shakti Women's Health Studio
Unit 4, Level 1, 394 Montague Rd
West End, Brisbane
(located above The Float Space)