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Discover Natural Ways to Correct A Hormone Imbalance

Most women lead busy, hectic lives and rarely find the opportunity to make time for themselves. Whilst you may be aware of the importance of yoga and meditation for your mental wellbeing and physical health, perhaps you don’t have the time to get to class, or don’t have access to regular classes?

Even if you do have access to a yoga studio, very few classes are appropriate for women suffering a hormonal imbalance. Whilst yoga asana provides some benefit to the physical body, inappropriate practices can in fact compound your hormone condition.

Devi Shakti Yoga provides online courses appropriate for women suffering hormonal imbalances.
In these courses you will learn how to support your body and female hormones through yoga asana (poses) meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and correct diet and nutrition.

Practice in your own time, in the comfort of your home, at your own pace, knowing that your practice is appropriately supporting your Divine body.

Healthy Hormones Short Course

Not sure if you’re hormonally imbalanced or what to look for? In this short course you will learn the symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance and how to start correcting it naturally with simple changes to your diet and nutrition. This course is suitable for those wanting to better understand the menstrual cycle and are looking for ways to naturally reduce pain, bloating and irritability.

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Unleash The Divine Within

This course takes you through a full menstrual cycle, providing workshops, yoga asana, meditation and advice on managing a variety of symptoms you may experience at different stages in your cycle. Suitable for those that suffer PMS, menstrual pain, irregularities, endometriosis, PCOS or fibroids.

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Pranayama For Better Health

It’s not uncommon to experience pain, bloat, irritability or fatigue in your menstrual cycle. Certain breathing techniques can increase the flow of energy in the body and help manage a variety of symptoms. Learn how to apply these simple breathing techniques throughout your day to make your cycle more manageable.

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Managing Menopause Like A Goddess

Although menopause occurs naturally, most women suffer a range of physical and emotional symptoms. Learn how subtle changes to your diet, improved sleep, appropriate exercise and meditation can minimise the physical and emotional systems experienced during this transitional time.

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Before starting yoga last year, I had suffered migraines every month since puberty. They had reached a point where I could no longer go about my normal day a couple of days each month, and I was constantly taking pain medications. After working with Ali on specific poses and yoga practice a couple of days each week, after 6months my migraines are all but gone. If I feel a headache coming on, a few specific yoga poses usually prevent it from progressing.

Busy Mum of Three