Devi Shakti Yoga

Unleash The Divine Within

6–Week Course

Learn To Connect Intimately With The Divine Woman Within.

This follow-on course from the Healthy Hormones Short Course will take you more intimately within to discover the divine you! The course tracks the hormonal shifts that occur during your menstrual cycle and provides alternatives to short term pain management (such as pain killers). It discusses the concerns with utilising the pill and other synthetic hormones to manage the symptoms of endometriosis, pcos and cysts and instead guides you through yoga asana, meditation, pranayama (breathing practices) and dietary changes to establish more sustainable and long term management solutions.

Learn to better understand your body during certain times in your cycle

Pain, cramping, irritability and bloating are not normal during your cycle. Learn how to manage the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance to reduce the occurrence of such symptoms.

Over 6-weeks this course takes you deeper within, peeling away emotional layers of stress and anxiety that often contribute to unnecessary hormonal symptoms.

What’s Inside The Course

6 x Healthy Hormones Workshops

Gain a greater understanding and appreciation for your beautiful body and how to support it naturally. We discuss the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, how you may be feeling physically and emotionally and ways to correct an imbalance with diet, nutrition and general lifestyle adjustments.

6x Yoga Asana Classes For Your Cycle

Specially designed yoga classes to ensure healthy hormone production. Practice these classes to see an improvement in hormonal symptoms, energy levels, creativity and even intuition as you begin to connect more deeply with the Divine Feminine.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra meditation used for deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra is used to release stress, anxiety and can help significantly reduce period pain for those prone to intense pain and cramping.  Just 45 mins is thought to provide the same quality of rest as a 6 hour sleep and takes you deeper within to the subconscious mind for inner healing and restoration! 

Tips On Diet & Nutrition 

Learn a few simple tweaks you can make to your diet now to make all the difference to your hormones. Learn how to better support your body nutritionally to not only improve energy levels but reduce mid-cycle pain, period pain, bloat, cramping, acne and fatigue.

Why Is This Course So Effective?

Unbalanced hormones can make your menstrual health miserable, and if not addressed can lead to more complicated health conditions! Today, we are seeing an increase in women suffering the effects of endometriosis, pcos, cysts and other hormonal complications. What many women don’t realise however is that there are holistic ways in which to manage and even significantly reduce the symptoms of these conditions.

Devi Shakti aims to treat the cause of hormonal concerns, not just the symptoms!

For many women, hormonal imbalances began at puberty or not long afterwards and often began as a result of stress, trauma, grief or anxiety during that time. Left unaddressed, these emotional challenges develop into larger hormonal health complications.

Devi Shakti works to release long held stress and anxiety, as well as correcting hormonal function in the body.

This course is suited to women suffering hormonal imbalances, or for those already suffering endometriosis, pcos, cysts or other menstrual concerns.

Key components include:

* Eliminating toxins and improving digestion

* Reducing stress hormones

* Improving quality of sleep

* Improving endocrine health (glands involved in hormone production)

* Releasing long held stress, trauma, grief or emotional instability

* Better understanding your body so you can work with it and not against it!

Learn the correct recipe for balancing hormones for long term healing and improved health.

“” Ali's expertise and focus on women’s health has helped me to become more connected with myself as well as those around me. I feel stronger not only physically, but in all aspects of my life.”

Emma PixieQld

“Ali's dedication to yoga, meditation and women's health is tangible, you can hear her passion when speaking on a personal level with her or in a workshop environment. Her knowledge on women's health issues truly amazed me”

Lynda MullerBrisbane

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