Yogic Massage

Massage is a healing technique that is natural, intuitive part of all human lives—think of how you spontaneously rub your own shoulders or neck when feeling tension.

The yoga massage technique studied by Devi Shakti utilises a fusion of Thai and Hawaiian bodywork and western massage techniques.

This type of body work is not just about loosening muscles, but releases tensions and improves the flow of energy throughout the body.

It combines deep and gentle stretches, bone and joint massage and mobilisation.

Yogic massage is very holistic and therapeutic and enables the individual to re-set and re-direct the flow of energy, leading to restoration and balance.

This powerful healing system uses acupressure, asana, stretching, massage, breathwork and affirmation.

The simple act of touch is powerful and healing in itself.

The science of yogic massage helps to improve flexibility, relief of emotional stress and stimulates and balances the meridian system.

It also improves circulation, boots immunity, drains the lymphatic system, balances and awakens chakras and energy, cleanses digestive system, improves body/mind connection and promotes inner peace.